The Benefits of a Prepaid Phone Plan

With a prepaid cell phone plan, you get more control and flexibility in the types of services that you can buy. With options such as no contract to be locked into or cheaper international calling, a prepaid phone plan may be the best option for you.

No Contracts

Not being locked into a phone contract is the top reason why people would consider a prepaid phone plane. You have the freedom to terminate your phone plan at any time without any termination fee(s) and you can switch and change your cell phone as long as it’s compatible with the local network. At Lycamobile, we offer free sim cards for all new customers that could be easily exchangeable from phone to phone as long as it meets the compatibility standards.

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Low Price Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans are typically offered in different monthly prices that is affordable and made for almost any budget. These varying prices give customers the flexibility to customize the type of services that is offered and how much of it they actually need. Compared to a contracted phone plan where you are essentially forced to pay for extra services that you may or may not use. Lycamobile has cheap phone plans at monthly rates starting at $19 for unlimited talk and text and high data plans at up to $50 a month.

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Low International Rates

Making frequent international calls for business or calling family abroad can become expensive, especially on a contracted phone plan. Choosing a prepaid phone plan is a cheaper option when making long distance calls so you won’t get charged for roaming rates or other fees. Prepaid phone plans also allow you to travel internationally with ease in case your friends and families need to contact you while you’re abroad. Lycamobile offers cheap international calling rates so you can fill up on your phone plan according to your needs.

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Various Plans

: Determining which phone plan is best for you depends on your data usage. Whether you need to make lots of international business calls or just looking for a cheaper phone plan option because of your small budget, choosing a prepaid phone plan might be the best option for you. Examine your mobile data usage and phone habits to help determine what works best for you.

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