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Looking to call Pakistan from USA? Every 2 seconds we gain a new member to our Lyca family, who we help to connect with loved ones and business colleagues based in four different continents throughout the world thanks to cheap calls to Pakistan.

Cheap calls to Pakistan – great value Pakistan calling plans

As we grow and move in to more and more countries, we do our very best to ensure our high quality network and low prices remain the same. That’s why our cheap Pakistan calling plans will always remain at the best possible rates.


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Whether looking to call loved ones or to catch-up with friends, we offer cheap rates to landlines from our Pakistan SIM card, with no need to sign a contract. Simply register for a SIM card and Top-Up using either the instructions enclosed or our My Lycamobile platform. Call Pakistan for:
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The price will remain the same if the customer is on any plan otherwise a 5ct per minute surcharge applies if you are on a PAYG rate.

About calling Pakistan from the US

Lycamobile offer great rates whether you're calling Pakistan from the US or from a variety of other international locations. To start calling Pakistan there are two simple steps to follow, for new customers with Lycamobile, send off for your SIM card, top up and start calling. For current Lycamobile customers simply top up your existing SIM card and you're ready to start making calls immediately.

With high levels of foreign and domestic investment Pakistan's telecommunications industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, in 2008 it was the third fastest growing telecommunications market anywhere in the world. Mobile communications were put in to place in the 1990s with multiple network providers investing by the late 90's and early 2000's. It is now only a small area of northern Pakistan which is not covered by any mobile networks with over 90 percent of the country reported to be able to access a mobile service. A study titled 'Telecom Indicators' released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in May 2012 reported there were in the region of 118 million mobile subscribers in the previous month of March 2012. This is the highest mobile penetration rate anywhere in the South Asian region and is a statistic that is set to rise with the spread of networks to cover even the most remote northern areas.

Levels of emigration from Pakistan have increased dramatically over recent years with large communities of Pakistanis settling throughout Europe, Canada and the USA. The 2011 UK Census figures suggest that the UK has a community of over 1,125,000 ethnic Pakistanis with the US Census Bureau reporting in 2010 an estimated 363,699 people of Pakistani descent spread throughout the states.

These large numbers of Pakistanis settling in locations around the world have further strengthened the need for a reliable and affordable telecommunications network within Pakistan itself. This need has been met by foreign and domestic investment particularly within the mobile sector making now a great time to connect with family, friends or business colleagues in Pakistan.

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