Children's Day

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mexico’s Children’s Day, the 30th of April, is finally here! It brings with it a whole day of fun, family frolics, laughter and love to the streets of Mexico and the USA.

Children’s Day is celebrated to recognize and celebrate the health and happiness of children, to play and see the world through a child’s eyes - for one day of the year at least! Schools cancel lessons, organize games and have food parties where children bring in their favorite dishes from home to share with their classmates. Donations of toys are even handed out around orphanages to ensure that all the children of Mexico are remembered on this special day and are made to see that no matter what, they are a very big part of Mexican society.

As with many other national holidays, there are various traditions that are upheld, such as traditional Mexican storytelling, games and songs. A classic story often told on Children’s Day is the story of The Bear Prince, a tale about an enchanted Prince and the loyalty of a wife to her husband. Games are also played, with candy filled Piñatas being the main feature, as well as singing games including the children’s version of the traditional Mexican Hat Dance. This brings children together to enjoy each other’s company and wakes up their childish sense of play. Even certain foods have songs attached to them, like the Molinillo song, which is about stirring hot chocolate with a traditional Mexican wooden whisk.

The history of Children’s Day dates back to 1925 post World War I, after the League of Nations (a governmental body made up of world leaders) found that children were the most affected by war and needed to ensure their safety and well-being. So, the day was created to help observe and look after the well-being of vulnerable children after the war.

It is celebrated with a massive sense of excitement, freedom and playfulness that runs through neighborhoods. The streets are lined with churro stands, rompope vendors, antojitos and all manner of delicious treats to feast upon.

Children make up a huge part of cultures all around the world and it is days like these where we celebrate them and all the things that make them special and unique. It is where communities really come together and share the love that they have for each other with the world. That’s what makes Children’s Day so great.

So, if you have family in Mexico, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends, make sure you grab one of Lycamobile’s low-cost national plans to reach out and share your love with them on this fun and fascinating day.

Happy El Dia Del Nino!


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