How to make free international calls with Lycamobile

Monday, January 11, 2016

Free international calls

When it comes to getting great value for money when you pick up your phone, you can’t get much better than free international calls to any of a host of locations worldwide. Catching up with loved ones abroad should never be restricted by a sense of worry that costs are getting out of hand. We understand that keeping in touch with family and friends internationally is just as important as keeping up with family and friends that live nearby and do not think that you should have to struggle with costly international rates. Therefore, on top of our excellent standard rates for cheap international calls, we also offer a wide selection of options offering entirely free international calls from the USA to your chosen country.

How to make free international calls

With a range of benefits, our numerous National, International and Plus prepaid phone plans offer free calls, texts and data both nationally and internationally for as little as $23 a month from the US. Simply by requesting a SIM and/or if you already have one, topping up by the appropriate amount, you will be entitled to all the benefits of one of these fantastic deals. With each phone plan lasting just one month, the power of control is firmly with user, giving you the flexibility to keep your choice of plan in sync with your usage and needs. With plans as comprehensive and flexible as these, there really is no need to overspend on restrictive, inflexible contracts that don’t represent you as a person or your usage.

Free international calling

In a world of competitive marketing strategies we are bucking the trend, by offering even more international minutes and texts to our plans. Now even our rock-bottom, cheapest national plan comes as standard with unlimited international texts, while our cheapest international plan offers as standard unlimited free calls to over 50 countries. With the world seemingly getting smaller day by day, and international calls from US growing as a segment of overall calls, the face of telecommunication is changing, and we want to be there offering you the best deals wherever it is that your phone takes you.

Free international calls from mobile

Ensuring that you can always connect to the world for less, Lycamobile is committed to providing the very best rates on international calls from mobile phones in the US. The best price we can think of? Free.


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