User Guide

for Lycamobile customers

You can get started with Lycamobile by following these easy steps:

    • Insert your Lycamobile SIM card in to your cell phone and switch it on
    • Recharge your Lycamobile
    • You can now make and receive calls and SMS from your Lycamobile

If you need any assistance refer to the user guide that you received with your SIM card pack or call Customer Services on 612 from your Lycamobile or 1-845-301-1612 from another phone. Visit our Contact us page for service charges.

You can buy Lycamobile recharge vouchers from your local retailer. The voucher will show a PIN either printed on it or underneath a scratch panel. To recharge your balance in the US using your Lycamobile either;

  • Enter *611*PIN# press send, or
  • Dial 611 (or 92#) and follow the instructions.

To recharge your balance from another phone or whilst you are abroad:

You can check your balance at any time

To check your balance in the US using your Lycamobile either:

  • Enter *611# (or 94#), press send and your balance will be shown on your Lycamobile screen or
  • Dial 611 (or 95#) and listen to your balance

To check your balance while you are abroad:

Your Lycamobile voicemail service has been automatically activated.

Using your Lycamobile Voicemail you can:

  • Listen to messages left for you
  • Record a welcome message to enable callers to recognise you
  • Personalise your voicemail settings
  • Select the preferred language for Lycamobile to use

You can view your Lycamobile number on your cell phone screen.

To have your Lycamobile number displayed:

  • Dial *613# or (97#)|

You can use your Lycamobile to make and receive calls and SMS in a large number of other countries.

View information on countries where you can make and receive calls and SMS, and current charges

Visit the Contact us page for full details of the various ways you can get in touch with us and our rates.