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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

With all the new cell phone models coming out across the USA every year, it’s no surprise that they tend to accumulate in the desk drawer. Old Nokia’s, Motorola’s, HTC’s and more have passed through our hands, and as we have gotten older the models have become much, much smaller. Looking back through the cell phone’s you’ve previously owned, you can see definite stages of change and growth; the Motorola Razr when you were carefree in High school, the Blackberry when you graduated and got your first serious office job, all these phones hold memories and tell a story in their own unique way.

We choose cell phones based on functionality and style, but have you ever wondered what phone you would be if you were, in fact, a cellphone? Are you stylish and chic like the iPhone, serious like the Blackberry or an adventurer like the Nokia? Try out our quiz below and comment us with your results!

what type of phone are you




Your carefree attitude and easy charm makes you an amazing person to be around! Always up for an adventure, you don’t need technology to have fun. You’re always suggesting hikes, or camping, or mountain climbing – just anywhere outdoors! A kid at heart, you love to stay active and connect with the world around you without wires!


The strongest cell known to man! Like this little classic, you’re incredibly reliable and loyal – and everyone around you knows it! When the other phones all run out of battery and you’re in the middle of nowhere during a road trip, you take the opportunity to show off your map reading skills while the rest of the group look on in awe!


Not one to take any nonsense, you’re definitely the type of person that gets things done. Organised, ambitious and a straight talker, you know what you want in life. Nothing phases you, making you the perfect person to go to for advice about anything!


It’s all about the good life for you! Stylish, out-going and ready to head out the door at any moment, you’re the perfect holiday companion! You’ll make sure that there’s a picture for every occasion and will happily take the lead in most situations. You’re on the pulse with all the latest trends - fashion, tech, gossip, interiors, you name it!


Just like the Galaxy, you’re all about staying ahead of the game! While you might be up for an adventure, you’ll plan ahead and make sure you’re prepared for any situation. Your unique style and taste means that you love spending time customising all your gadgets and are the go-to tech expert to all your friends!


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