Cheap International Calls to Gabon

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For all Plans

No Plans: 12¢ SMS
  • Make Cheaper Calls to Gabon Any Day of the Week

    If you’ve been meaning to stay more connected with family and friends living in Gabon, Lycamobile has the call network you’ve been searching for. If you’ve been doing business in Libreville, and making a ton of professional calls each month, you need Lycamobile. Don’t be restricted by expensive, overly complex phone plans that you find online. With Lycamobile, talk with all of your associates in Gabon, at any time, for cheap.

  • How to Call Gabon from the United States:

    • Register for a SIM card or Recharge and start using the My Lycamobile platform.
    • Dial the US exit code, 011
    • Then dial Faroe Gabon’s country code, +241
    • Then dial the desired area code and phone number
    • Just press the call button
  • Connect with Friends and Family in Gabon With Lycamobile

    Outdated phone plans used to make calling Gabon stressful, and you were presented with an outrageous bill for your trouble. But these days, you can have a flexible, no-contract calling plan that connects you with any city in Gabon, quickly and easily. Lycamobile offers the cheapest international calling plans to Gabon so you can focus on what’s important: staying in touch with those who matter most.