Cheap International Calls to Morocco

Anytime, everyday min

29¢ min
No Plans: 12¢ SMS
  • Make Cheap International Calls to Morocco With Lycamobile

    With Lycamobile’s international calling plans, you can stay connected with your friends and family in Morocco without breaking the bank. Whether you are scheduling a meeting with coworkers in Casablanca, saying happy birthday to your grandmother in Fez, or planning your dream vacation to Marrakesh, you deserve a phone plan that fits your needs. Lycamobile offers cheap rates and a reliable connection to Morocco any time, day or night.

  • How to Call Morocco from the United States:

    • Register for a SIM card or Recharge and start using the My Lycamobile platform.
    • Dial the US exit code, 011
    • Then dial Morocco’s country code, +212
    • Dial the area code and desired phone number
    • And press the call button
  • Enjoy Cheap Calls to Morocco Without Losing Quality

    Lycamobile has the cheapest rates and the most reliable service for making calls to Morocco. With no contract necessary and no hidden fees, the choice is simple. Lycamobile’s Morocco calling plans offer a flexible solution to all of your international calling needs.