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For All Plans
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For all Plans

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  • Call Togo for Less from the States with Lycamobile

    When you use Lycamobile’s affordable international calling plans, you can stay closely connected with all your friends and family in Togo. Lycamobile offers the cheapest rates for Togo international calls, without any contract required. Get caught up with friends in Lomé, say hello to family living in Sokodé, or call business contacts in Kara – you’ll get the cheapest rates and highest quality connections for all calls to Togo with Lycamobile.

  • How to Call Togo from the United States:

    • Register for a SIM card or Recharge and start using the My Lycamobile platform
    • Dial 011, The US exit code
    • Then dial Togo's country code +228
    • Dial the area code and desired phone number
    • And press the call button
  • Stay in Touch with Your Family in Togo Today

    With our call network constantly expanding, Lycamobile is connecting people all around the world every two seconds of the day, in Togo and beyond. We know how important it is for you to make your international calls quickly and easily, so we offer affordable rates and high-quality service on all international calls to Togo.