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When you are looking for a mobile plan you probably have a good idea of what you are going to need. You know whether you call quite a lot of people, how often you text them and how much data you use, so why should you have to pay lots of money to get what you want?

What we’ve done at Lycamobile is devise the perfect bundle for those who need a bit of everything but do not want to spend a fortune every month. With our All In One M bundle you will get 200 national minutes, 100 national texts and 1.5 GB of national data, all for just $19 a month! All you need is a phone to put the SIM card in; it could not be easier to take advantage of this great bundle.

Whether you are a Lycamobile customer already or not, you can order your FREE SIM card online. From there, all you have to do is make sure there is enough money in your Lycamobile account each month and we will take care of the rest. On the start date of your bundle we will simply take $19 out of your account – any extra money there can be used for later bundles or premium services – and then send you a message to let you know that your bundle is live. You can start to use those minutes, texts and data immediately to talk to whomever you please, and as an added bonus, if your friends are Lycamobile Australia customers as well you will be able to call them for free!

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our bundles are affordable and will work for you. Check out the All in One M bundle here

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