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Can't Wait for Black Friday? Check Out These SIM-only Deals Now!

Black Friday is just around the corner with the clock ticking beckoning the most awaited season of festivity and fervor. But what makes this day special and relevant even to this day? What drives the demographics of all ages to go hopping on a shopping spree, or the brands and stores to roll out all-exclusive deals and offers to entice customers on the move with great value? Let us explore every bit of it in this blog.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a cliché for Friday, traditionally observed in November every year, a day after the fourth Thursday, known as Thanksgiving in the US – a popular federal holiday. It categorically marks the beginning of the longest and spirited season of sales, shopping, and festivity, including the Christmas revelry throughout the Thanksgiving weekend extending over to Cyber Monday. This year, it is going to be observed on November 25, with several retailers offering exciting Black Friday deals with amazing discounts for grabs across various goods and products.

Origin, History and Relevance

There are multiple narratives and accounts that go into the origin of the term Black Friday. But of all, the popular one is that it was first coined by The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1981 suggesting the idea behind the term’s origin. The daily recorded that the monetary loss incurred by the retailers were marked in red (red ink) as an accounting practice then, while those making profits were marked in black (black ink), which was primarily registered during the holiday season, a day after the Thanksgiving, which made up for all the losses suffered throughout the year.

For a fact, that retailers made remarkable profits with their sales during the holiday weekend, beginning with the fourth Friday of November every year, that got them out of the red (loss) and enter the black (profit), Black Friday has come to occupy a significant place emerging as a popular culture among retailers as well as shoppers and grown into a global phenomenon at the onset of 21st century.

However, the earliest reference to it was recorded by the Factory Management and Maintenance journal for November 1951, and 1952 respectively, referring to the practice among workers calling in sick, a day after Thanksgiving as part of a long weekend. Simultaneously, the term Black Friday also came to be used by the Philadelphia and Rochester police to describe the swelling crowds and traffic jam at the start of the shopping and Christmas season post the fourth Thursday of November, are other narratives to the cause.

A Black Friday for All

All said and done, Black Friday has become an integral day in the lives of both - the retailers and shoppers, as the former gets to enjoy the profits of their goods and products, while the latter gets to cherish them by spending less and saving more with a bang for their buck.

People of all ages look forward to this day, when the Christmas shopping starts as shops rollout discount offers a day after thanksgiving as part of the Black Friday deals, where each goes binge shopping for self, their dear ones, family, and friends as a show of affection, joy of sharing and even as a random act of kindness choosing from across diverse retail brands.

With the onset of the festive and holiday season, your data consumption levels via social channels, video calling family and friends, streaming content, et al., go up needing better SIM-only deals, which offer unlimited data plans, text and calling, and Lyca Mobile meets this requirement of yours. It has SIM cards with high data at low cost rolled out for the occasion like the Unlimited Data plan at just $20, 60GB data at $10 and 12GB at $5 with extra benefits.

Given this, if you are looking for a platform offering exciting SIM deals with a package of boundless data, text and calling to add to your bucket list this shopping season, then Lyca Mobile has best deals on offer rolled out for you like the Black Friday SIM-only deals, unlimited data plans and more.

Lyca Mobile Black Friday Deals

Lyca Mobile is treating you with the best SIM deals this sale season. Here are some of its Black Friday special plans with great value under the unlimited nationwide plan category.

• Unlimited Data with 12GB at up to 5G speed at $5 for 30 days

• Unlimited Plan with 60GB at up to 5G speed at $10 for 30 days, and

• Unlimited Data at up to 5G speed at $20 for 30 days

All the above SIM plans come with unlimited nationwide talk and text along with unlimited calling and texting to 75+ countries, with an offer price valid on all for up to 3 months on auto-renewal for new lines of service.

So, why think? Just get the best deal for yourself and your beloved ones, family, and friends from Lyca Mobile’s exclusive SIM-only deals with big-time data plans at unparalleled and reasonable costs that adds value to your money, without a second thought.

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