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If you want a great deal on data, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Whether you need something to keep your tablet connected, a boost for your smart phone, a package for your mobile dongle or just something to keep you online at home or out and about, Lyca Mobile have got just the thing, and we call it Data M. If you’re not looking for time to talk or texting opportunities, Data M is exactly what you need.

For just $10, you can have 30 days of high speed internet access, no matter where you are in Australia, with up to 1 GB of data included, on Lyca Mobile’s super fast network which covers the whole of the country.

What will this get you? You can visit 2000 websites, post 1200 photos on social media, stream 18 hours of music, or watch 150 minutes of video. Mix and match with the way you use your data according to whatever suits your lifestyle best.

If you’re an existing customer, we’re sure you won’t want to miss out on a minute of this great offer, so we’ve made it really easy to activate this deal. Just dial *139*3020#, and you’ll see the instructions on your screen. You can also text 3020 to 3535, which will do the job for you, or hop online to our website, where you’ll find the form ready and waiting for you.

If you’re a new customer and you’re ready to join us, just click here, where you can sign up for one of our free SIM cards and activate Data M to get you online at lightning fast speeds. We know you’ll love our network, and with this great offer on data, we know you’ll love our service, too!

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