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How to improve battery life of your smartphone
Flagging battery life is one of the main reasons why we end up replacing our smartphones with a new one.
Frequent switching of phones could be costly for us and also the environment- which gets tarnished with the e-waste we produce.
However, there are ways by which you could prolong the life of your smartphone battery. As icing on the cake, these practices also help you get a better battery life on daily phone use.
Read on to learn how to improve battery life of your smartphone.

Location access drains power. So, limit access for apps.
Whether you are using an iOS or Android phone, a large number of apps in it would be tracking your location when you are online.
With cab hailing apps and apps like Google Maps, turning the feature off wouldn’t be a feasible option.
However, with many apps, location tracking is not critical to their functioning. The feature takes a heavy toll on your phone’s battery. So, to improve battery life of your smartphone deny location access for apps that don’t strictly need it for their functioning.

App updates can provide battery optimizations
One of the easiest things that we can all do for a better performing phone- and not just the battery- is to update the most-used apps with their latest versions.
Not all the versions may provide improved battery performance. But you ought to keep an eye out for these updates- and how each of them improves on the previous version.
Some of these updates could help improve the battery life of your smartphone.

Use minimal on-screen widgets
On-screen widgets provide useful information to you around the clock - be it weather updates, news or personal messages. But indiscriminate use of these widgets rarely helps improve the battery life of your smartphone.
There’s a chance that on-screen widgets may function without draining battery power fast, but such a scenario is still in the future.
For the time being, if the information that an on-screen widget brings you isn’t needful throughout the day, just delete it from the screen.

Turn on Google Hotword only when required
There’s a fair chance that Google’s Hotword- by which the phone can listen to your command- is in the “Always on” mode on your smartphone.
This is not good for battery life.
To improve battery life of your smartphone, turn off Always On and bring the feature alive only when needed.

If not needed, turn off haptic feedback & vibration
Haptic feedback is the mode by which you get a vibrating, tingly sensation on the tip of your fingers whenever you hit a key on the phone’s keypad.
While haptic feedback and vibration mode may be useful tools that give a tactile alert, more often than not, they are unnecessary. Also, they use up a lot of battery power.
So, if you are thinking of how to improve battery life of your smartphone, it’s better to turn these features off unless they are absolutely necessary.

Additional tips to improve the battery life of your smartphone
• Try not to expose the phone to extremes of heat or cold
• Choose a dark colored theme for your phone’s display
• Keep the screen brightness low whenever possible
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