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It seems like the world is getting smaller every year as different cultures mix and exchange ideas. These days, business and travel is done on an international scale, which is great for the development of our economies and our own understanding of other peoples, but it can often be frustrating when our communications capabilities don’t keep up with the rate of global changes.

For many Australians, international calling has become an essential part of life in the 21st century. Whether we are going abroad in search of a better career, keeping in touch with international friends or just travelling to broaden the mind, for many of us it is important to be able to communicate on a global scale.

Online calling services such as Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout and Viber can be an option for Australians who want to contact friends and family around the world. The problem is that these services depend entirely on an internet connection. If that goes down, then frustration is the only outcome. Online calling can also be expensive and, in some parts of the world, data charges are enormous.

If you don’t fancy the unreliability of online calling, then you can use a regular phone service, but it pays to be careful. Sometimes those calling charges can appear cheap, but work out pretty expensive, especially if you need to call outside Australia often.

Lycamobile are smartphone communication specialists who know how important it is these days for Australians to keep in touch across international borders, so if you are searching for a way to get SIM only plans, contact Lycamobile today or check out our many great deals on phone bundles and international calls online.

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