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‘Episode IV: A New Hope.’ When those famous titles first rolled across a starry, black screen back in 1977, millions of cinema-goers around the world were hooked.

The arrival of Star Wars was one of the most celebrated cinematic events ever: a breakthrough in popular culture that announced the beginning of the era of science fiction blockbusters, it launched the careers of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil, and inspired countless film-makers, from Peter Jackson to Ridley Scott, to try to emulate its blend of adventure and excitement.

George Lucas’s ground-breaking space opera, complete with state of the art special effects and a rousing, symphonic score, has gone from strength to strength, becoming a phenomenon that has continued to capture the imagination of successive generations over those 40 years. If you are one of those who has felt the magic of Star Wars, why not join in on Star Wars Day, May 4th?

May is a significant month for Star Wars fans. It’s the month when the first Star Wars film debuted in cinemas and so on May 4th, every year, fans from around the globe take the chance to celebrate one of the most successful film franchises of all time on International Star Wars Day.

It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up as your favourite Star Wars character and indulge your passion, while attending one of the many Star Wars events taking place across Australia. From Melbourne to Perth, cinemas will be showing marathon re-runs of all seven Star Wars films, from the original in 1977 to last year’s most recent addition to the franchise, ‘The Force Unleashed’.

So on 4th May, get into the spirit of Stars Wars day and join fans across Australia and the world as they celebrate the magic of George Lucas’s masterpiece.

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