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When it comes to choosing a plan, mobile users often take the conventional path. They pick the most popular prepaid SIM card in the market or stick to the mundane one they have been using for a long time. So, when it all seems to have been working, why change?

Well, as it appears, customers often choose a SIM plan that offers them “a little extra of everything” no matter if that results in shelling out an extra fiver or tenner here and there. They often ignore their own unique requirements and in most cases, feel bewildered to change plans due to the plethora of options available on the market.

We, at Lycamobile, understand this issue and feel it’s time to change! Let us help you choose a new plan, one that suits you the best and helps you save a few quid so you can hit that bottle-o later for a ripper weekend! To help you find a plan, we’ve designed a fun quiz.

Choose the options from the following questions and based on the number of A, B and Cs, you get to know the best prepaid SIM plan you need to activate! It’s super easy, try it out!

Which of the following best describes you?

  • A student
  • An expat
  • A traveller/On a short visit

Are you on a budget?

  • Yes, obviously
  • I have to be
  • What’s a budget?

Who do you speak to the most on the phone?

  • My friends and family locally
  • My friends and family abroad
  • Family sometimes, but mainly clients/friends all over the world

How do you use data?

  • I use it to for assignments, streaming my favourite TV series’ and checking social media
  • I use it to make VoIP calls back home; lots of video calls and social media
  • I use it to check trends online, keep a tab on the market and for emails

Now that you know how many times you have selected an option, here is the result:

Mostly A : If you have chosen this option, buy the All in One 19 plan, which gives you unlimited national minutes and unlimited national texts to stay in touch with friends to help you out you’re your studies and research. You also get 3GB data with this plan so you can share your life online and hit your social media follower goal! What’s more, it’s low on price and gives you all the above benefits with 28 days validity! To get this plan, click here.
Mostly B :If you have chosen this option, buy the All in One 29 plan. Stick to your budget and still get 5GB data + 2GB bonus, so you can make video and audio calls abroad, stream your favourite videos and be in touch with friends and family more often than you would have imagined! And did we mention you also get unlimited national calls & texts to talk to the new friends you made in the city? To get this plan, click here.
Mostly C :If you have chosen this option, get the Unlimited Plan XS. The special features include unlimited national talk & text, unlimited international calls to 12 selected countries so you can take care of all your client calls and 2GB data. To get this plan, click here.

There you go mate! We have found the best Lycamobile plan for you in just four simple steps. We assure you that the plans will not only serve you the best, but will also offer value for money. Our plans offer different combinations to help you pay for exactly what you want/use. Check out our special rates to selected countries, recharge your account or get a data bolt on if you need one!

Enjoy choosing your new plan!

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