Lycamobile Refer a Friend Program provides benefits to active customers who refer Lycamobile to a new customer under the following terms and conditions.

Referrer: means an active Lycamobile customer who refers Lycamobile to a new customer to use the services.

Referee: means a new Lycamobile customer who was referred by a Referrer and who purchases a minimum of two (2) plans (60 days of service).

Referral Credit: means a new Lycamobile customer who was referred by a Referrer and who purchases a minimum of two (2) plans (60 days of service).


You may either send an e-mail invitation to a Referee’s e-mail address or you may have a SIM card sent by post directly to a Referee’s postal address.

  1. If you order the SIM card to be sent directly to the Referee’s address, you must include your Lycamobile phone number in the order. Further, your provision of the Referee’s details including e-mail address & delivery address represents that you have their consent and further that you have the right to provide such information.
  2. The Referee must be new to Lycamobile services and not have a current or past Lycamobile account.

When ordering a SIM card on this website, you must enter the Referrer’s Lycamobile phone number and the country in which they reside. Details passed on via other modes will not be accepted and the referral will not qualify as a successful referral.


All SIM cards eligible for the Refer a Friend Program must be ordered online via the Lycamobile website by either the Referee or by the Referrer and mailed by us to the Referee. SIM cards purchased from a retailer or received from any other campaign will not be eligible. All qualifying SIM cards will be delivered to the Referee’s address between 3 and 5 working days. However, delivery turnaround time cannot be guaranteed as other factors outside of our control, such as adverse weather conditions may affect the delivery. Lycamobile is not liable for the loss or damage of SIM cards. Once the delivery of your SIM card has been confirmed, neither the Referrer nor the Referee will be able to cancel or amend the order.


To be eligible to receive the Referral Credit, Referrer must have an active Lycamobile account at the time the Referral Credit is awarded; and Referrer must have purchased a minimum of $10 worth of services.


Upon meeting the conditions of eligibility set forth above, Lycamobile will send the Referrer a text message confirming that the referral was successful. Referrer’s Lycamobile account balance will automatically be credited with the Referral Credit within 24 hours. Referral Credit can be used only in conjunction with Referrer’s existing Lycamobile number as the benefits of the Referral Credit are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. No cash alternatives or alternative credits will be given.


In the event of misuse or fraud Lycamobile has the right to reject or to refuse the Referral Credit. Lycamobile reserves the right to void any referrals or Referral Credit if it suspects, in its sole discretion, that any Referrer or Referee does not meet the program criteria, has engaged in a fraudulent activation or has violated any of these terms and conditions or Lycamobile’ s standard prepaid mobile service terms and conditions. Limited time offer. Lycamobile may end the Refer a Friend Program or change any of the terms and conditions at any time.