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Australia is a vast country, and there’re always plenty of things to keep you entertained. If you’re frightened of Australia’s scorching climate, May might just be a good month for you to pay a visit.

May in Australia is classed as late autumn, and while you will certainly encounter some winds and showers, the weather will almost certainly be more than acceptable, with around six to eight hours of sunshine per day. Expect temperatures in the mid to late teens, occasionally pushing into the mid 20s, and even above that in the north of the country.

If you’re travelling in Australia in May, as with any other month, you won’t be short of things to do. The majority of the big events are centred around the vibrant cities, which, although spaced well apart, are linked by a great rapid rail network, as well as a comprehensive internal flight schedule.

Late May in the aptly named town of 1770, just north of Brisbane, sees the historic 1770 festival, thus named to celebrate the date and place that Captain Cook first landed on Australian shores. This buzzing festival features art, music, great food, and fun for all the family.

All around the coast in May, you will find the opportunity to see whales. Where better to witness these gentle giants than atop Sydney Harbour Bridge, before a trip to the iconic opera house?

Beautiful Melbourne, self-proclaimed as one of the ‘most liveable cities in the world’ is host to a weekend of multicultural street festivals, featuring Buddha’s Day. Why not enlighten yourself?

Heading way west, over towards Perth, you can immerse yourself in the Moondyne festival, a celebratory of the legendary bushranger, Moondyne Joe, and his various exploits.

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