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At Lycamobile, we have specially designed family plans to help you save more money!


10 GB each line at up to 4G LTE Including unlimited talk & text in 60+ countries

5 Lines

Save $100
Buy Now

4 Lines

Save $60
Buy Now

3 Lines

Save $30
Buy Now

2 Lines

Save $10
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Primary Line $45 per month No discount $45
Additional line 1 $45 per month $10 discount $35
Additional line 2 $45 per month $20 discount $25
Additional line 3 $45 per month $30 discount $15
Additional line 4 $45 per month $40 discount $5

Create a family plan in three easy steps!

New Customer

Step 1: Purchase the Parent Bundle

Purchase the $45 parent plan. Click here for more details. Upon successful placement of your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a pin number. Take advantage of our limited time offer and receive four additional free SIMs to use in your parent bundle.

Step 2: Activation & Registration

Once you receive the SIM, there are two ways to activate it:
1. Activate Online: Please visit the SIM activation page to begin the activation process online. Once you receive a pin, visit PIN activation page and enter the details.
2. Activate by Phone: Please insert the SIM into your phone and follow the instruction on the phone screen to activate.
After activating your parent plan, please log on to My Lycamobile account to add additional child users to your parent plan.

Step 3: Add Child Users

To add additional child users to your parent bundle, visit the compose family plan page. You must add at least one child user to start using the family plan.

Existing Customer

Start a new family plan

To start a new family plan, you need to determine the primary user (parent user), and add at least one secondary user (child user). You can add a maximum of four child users to a family plan.
As an existing customer, please log in and visit the Compose Family Plan page. After selecting the family plan option, the system will send you a one-time passcode. Please enter the passcode to confirm the update and follow the next steps on the compose page.

Join an existing family plan

You can join an existing family plan as a child user. Only a primary user can add child user(s). 1. If you are new to Lycamobile, and you already have SIM card, but the SIM card has not yet been activated, the primary user can choose to add you as a child user using the ICCID, which is printed on the SIM card.
2. If you are new to Lycamobile, and you have already activated your SIM with a Lycamobile number, the primary user can choose to add you as a child user using your Lycamobile mobile number. Both the primary user and the new child user will receive a one-time passcode to confirm the update. Once both codes are successfully verified, the primary user can continue the process and follow the remaining steps on the compose page.

Please note: After successfully switching to the family plan, all previous plans (including data add-ons) will be deactivated with no refund. All international credits and previous account balance will remain with the individual account

Recharge a family plan

Only a primary user (parent user) can recharge for the whole family. If your account balance is sufficiently funded to cover the recharge amount, your family plan will renew automatically. To recharge your family plan, please visit the Recharge page and select “Recharge with plan.” After successfully recharging your account, your family plan will automatically renew when the current plan expires.

Manage a family plan

As a primary user (parent user), you can visit the Manage Family Plan page to manage the plan, view data usage and review call history for all users that belong to your family plan.

Please note: Lycamobile has porting arrangements established with the majority of US mobile network providers. Please ask a Customer Services Representative which networks are enabled for porting when you call.

LycaFamily Plan:

$45/mo plan required for each line; discount applies to lines 2-5. To be eligible for 5 lines at $25 each offer, all 5 lines must be activated. When activating a LycaFamily Plan, account balance of existing customers is retained but remaining days of current plan, any data add-ons and prepaid reserve plans are forfeited. Primary member must disclose name, address, email address and date of birth to activate LycaFamily Plan. Primary member has access to all usage information of each line. If new line is added mid-plan, it will expire at the same time as primary member’s plan.

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