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$59 International Plan

60GB per month
$29.00 for 1 Mes
$135.00 for 3 Meses Ahorra $42.00
$264.00 for 6 Meses Ahorra $90.00
$516.00 for 12 Meses Ahorra $192.00
  • plans-item-icon Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
  • plans-item-icon Unlimited International Talk & Text to 85+ Countries
  • plans-item-icon $5.00 international calling credits
Landline and Mobile Solo Moviles LandlineSolo Telefonos Fijos
Morocco Flag Morocco Morocco Calling Icon
Namibia Flag Namibia Namibia Calling Icon
Nigeria Flag Nigeria Nigeria Calling Icon
South Africa Flag South Africa South Africa Calling Icon
Swaziland Flag Swaziland Swaziland Calling Icon
Angola Flag Angola Angola Calling Icon
China Flag China China Calling Icon
India Flag India India Calling Icon
Indonesia Flag Indonesia Indonesia Calling Icon
Israel Flag Israel Israel Calling Icon
Kuwait Flag Kuwait Kuwait Calling Icon
Malaysia Flag Malaysia Malaysia Calling Icon
Mongolia Flag Mongolia Mongolia Calling Icon
Singapore Flag Singapore Singapore Calling Icon
South Korea Flag South Korea South Korea Calling Icon
Thailand Flag Thailand Thailand Calling Icon
Philippines Smart Flag Philippines Smart Philippines Smart Calling Icon
Brunei Darussalam Flag Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam Calling Icon
Japan Flag Japan Japan Calling Icon
Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Calling Icon
Taiwan Flag Taiwan Taiwan Calling Icon
Turkey Flag Turkey Turkey Calling Icon
Bután Flag Bután Bután Calling Icon
Camboya Flag Camboya Camboya Calling Icon
Laos Flag Laos Laos Calling Icon
Arabia Saudí Flag Arabia Saudí Arabia Saudí Calling Icon
Australia Flag Australia Australia Calling Icon
New Zealand Flag New Zealand New Zealand Calling Icon
Austria Flag Austria Austria Calling Icon
Belgium Flag Belgium Belgium Calling Icon
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria Bulgaria Calling Icon
Croatia Flag Croatia Croatia Calling Icon
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic Czech Republic Calling Icon
Denmark Flag Denmark Denmark Calling Icon
Finland Flag Finland Finland Calling Icon
France Flag France France Calling Icon
Germany Flag Germany Germany Calling Icon
Greece Flag Greece Greece Calling Icon
Hungary Flag Hungary Hungary Calling Icon
Iceland Flag Iceland Iceland Calling Icon
Ireland Flag Ireland Ireland Calling Icon
Italy Flag Italy Italy Calling Icon
Malta Flag Malta Malta Calling Icon
Netherlands Flag Netherlands Netherlands Calling Icon
Norway Flag Norway Norway Calling Icon
Poland Flag Poland Poland Calling Icon
Portugal Flag Portugal Portugal Calling Icon
Romania Flag Romania Romania Calling Icon
Spain Flag Spain Spain Calling Icon
Sweden Flag Sweden Sweden Calling Icon
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom United Kingdom Calling Icon
Ukraine Kyivstar Flag Ukraine Kyivstar Ukraine Kyivstar Calling Icon
Andorra Flag Andorra Andorra Calling Icon
Estonia Flag Estonia Estonia Calling Icon
Latvia Flag Latvia Latvia Calling Icon
Lithuania Flag Lithuania Lithuania Calling Icon
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg Luxembourg Calling Icon
Russia Flag Russia Russia Calling Icon
San Marino Flag San Marino San Marino Calling Icon
Slovakia Flag Slovakia Slovakia Calling Icon
Slovenia Flag Slovenia Slovenia Calling Icon
Switzerland Flag Switzerland Switzerland Calling Icon
Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Calling Icon
Canada Flag Canada Canada Calling Icon
Martinique Flag Martinique Martinique Calling Icon
Mexico Flag Mexico Mexico Calling Icon
Costa Rica Flag Costa Rica Costa Rica Calling Icon
Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Calling Icon
Guadeloupe Flag Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Calling Icon
Panama Flag Panama Panama Calling Icon
Brazil Flag Brazil Brazil Calling Icon
Chile Flag Chile Chile Calling Icon
Colombia Flag Colombia Colombia Calling Icon
Paraguay Flag Paraguay Paraguay Calling Icon
Peru Flag Peru Peru Calling Icon
Argentina Flag Argentina Argentina Calling Icon
Uruguay Flag Uruguay Uruguay Calling Icon
Venezuela Flag Venezuela Venezuela Calling Icon
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Bonus International Icon
Mónaco Flag Mónaco Bonus International Icon
Pakistán Flag Pakistán Bonus International Icon
Nepal Flag Nepal Bonus International Icon
El Salvador Flag El Salvador Bonus International Icon
Guatemala Flag Guatemala Bonus International Icon
Somalia Flag Somalia Bonus International Icon
Mali Orange Flag Mali Orange Bonus International Icon
Senegal Orange Flag Senegal Orange Bonus International Icon
Ivory Coast Orange Flag Ivory Coast Orange Bonus International Icon
Cameroon Orange Flag Cameroon Orange Bonus International Icon
Tunisia Orange Flag Tunisia Orange Bonus International Icon
Burkina Faso Orange Flag Burkina Faso Orange Bonus International Icon
Madagascar Orange Flag Madagascar Orange Bonus International Icon
Malí Flag Malí Bonus International Icon
Nigeria Flag Nigeria Bonus International Icon
Pakistan (Except Zong) Flag Pakistan (Except Zong) Bonus International Icon
Vietnam Mobile Flag Vietnam Mobile Bonus International Icon
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh Bonus International Icon

términos y condiciones

5G Data is available depending on location, supported on compatible Android/ iPhones running the latest software. Data speed slows down once you use up your plan’s data amount.

Limited time offer. Plan expires after 30 days. After 60GB 4G/5G allotment is used, speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the plan. During periods of congestion, customers may experience reduced data speeds as compared to Carrier postpaid customers. Tethering (hotspot) not permitted. All website purchases, including auto-recharges, will be assessed a regulatory recovery fee of 5%. Plan only valid for calls, texts and data usage from the US. USA includes 50 states and Puerto Rico. Texts to 900 numbers are not included. Purchase of international or roaming credit required to enable additional features (like international talk to countries not listed). Offer of unlimited international calls to Lyca Mobile numbers only valid when both numbers are not roaming. No national roaming (voice, text and data not available in off-net areas – see coverage map for details). For non-commercial, personal use only. Service may be suspended/terminated if used in violation of Acceptable Use Policy. SIM and assigned number expire after 60 days of non-use. Offer terms at time of plan activation apply, regardless of purchase date. Plans, rates & services are subject to change without notice & are not available in all locations or for all phones.

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