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La red T-Mobile se actualiza a LTE

T-Mobile Network upgrades to LTE

What Happened?

Lyca Mobile’s underlying carrier T-Mobile® has upgraded and expanded its 4G LTE coverage in most areas. This improved data speeds and voice experience for most customers whose handsets use 4G LTE data speed. This change impacted T-Mobile customers as well as all T-Mobile MVNOs (including Lyca Mobile).

Impact on Customers?

Some customers without 4G LTE capable devices may need to upgrade their devices for optimal network performance. Customers still using 1900 frequency handsets, tablets and wearable devices (that are not capable of 4G LTE) will only be able to connect to 2G data speeds, and in some cases, they may experience dropped calls. These devices include:

  • Apple iPhones 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 (CDMA models)
  • Galaxy S 4 ATT
  • Galaxy SIII
  • LG 450 and GS170 handsets
  • Microsoft Lumia 435 and 530 smartphones
  • Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 tablet (non-LTE models)
  • Apple iPad 2 and 3 tablets
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear S, S2, and S2 Classic smart watches

ALERT! 3G service (UMTS) will no longer be available after July 1, 2022. Please ensure your device is LTE/5G & VoLTE capable to continue enjoying Lycamobile service thereafter.

Below are settings for Enabling LTE and VOLTE:
LTE enable :
1. IOS
Setting→Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Voice & Data → Enable (LTE or 5G On or 5G Auto)
2. Android
Setting →Connections →Mobile Networks→ Network Mode→ Enable 5G/LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)
Connections →Mobile Networks →Network mode→ Enable VoLTE calls
Column Description Post UMTS Shutdown Customer Experience Level of Effort for Customer Readiness
non_lte Device does not support LTE - 2G, 3G, 4G(3G HSPA+) 2G Data/Voice Experience Upgrade to LTE and VoLTE capable device
non_volte Device is LTE capable but does not support VoLTE 2G Voice Experience/LTE data Upgrade to LTE and VoLTE capable device
lte_disabled Customers with LTE capable device but no LTE data usage 2G voice/ Data Experience Request Customers to update LTE settings on device
volte_disabled Customers with VoLTE capable device with CS voice calls, LTE data but no VoLTE call usage 2G Voice/ LTE Data Experience Request Customers to update VoLTE settings on device
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