Connect Without Limits: A Comprehensive Guide to Affordable India Calling from the USA

17 June, 2024 by Aafiya Saba
A woman using a phone
A woman using a phone

We live in a world where staying digitally connected is just a click away. Staying in touch with your friends and family in India should not be wiping out your savings.

If you want to bid goodbye to financial stress, then Lyca Mobile is your saviour. Lyca Mobile is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), offering cheap calls to India from the USA.  

Read further to explore an extensive guide. Know everything right from making affordable calls to India from the USA to chatting with your friends and family without limits. 

  • Enjoy affordable calls to India from the USA.  
  • Explore calling options and see how Lyca Mobile makes a difference.  
  • Lyca Mobile USA is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that provides cheap calls, texts, and data at competitive rates.  
  • Know how to make a cheap call to India with Lyca mobile USA,
  • Enjoy the convenience of Lyca Mobile's prepaid plans and the quality of their connections.  

Best Options to make calls to India from the USA:

You can explore ways to call India from the USA. Here is a breakdown for you:

  • Stay on your existing mobile phone plan: While this option is convenient, traditional plans are expensive for international calls to India. Make sure you check your calling rate before you make phone calls.
  • Calling cards: These prepaid cards have preassigned minutes to India. It can be challenging to manage PINs and remember expiry dates.

Making Calls to India from the USA with Lyca Mobile:

Lyca Mobile focuses on convenience and affordability. Lyca Mobile specializes in providing competitive rates. Unlike calling cards with limited minutes and expiry dates, you can talk to your loved ones as much as you like. Make cheap phone calls to India with our flexible plans without worrying about hidden charges.

Why Lyca Mobile USA is the best choice for you:

When it comes to the best service to call India from the USA, Lyca Mobile USA is known for its affordable options:

  • Unmatchable rates on calls to India: Talk to your loved ones without worrying about the exorbitant charges. Lyca mobile offers pocket-friendly prices.
  • Crystal-clear calls: You no longer have to worry about constant disturbance on calls or call drops. Listen to your loved one's voice clearly and enjoy your conversations.
  • No hidden fees: Have you faced concerns like surprise charges or hidden fees for cheap calls from the USA to India after buying the plan? It is frustrating! That is why Lyca Mobile USA is transparent about its pricing.  
  • Enjoy convenience: Buying or topping up your plan is just a click away. You can also buy your plans from your nearest retailer. 

How to Make a Cheap Call to India with Lyca Mobile USA:

Affordability is at your fingertips with Lyca Mobile USA. Here is how to make calls to your friends and family in simple steps:

1. Buy a Lyca Mobile USA SIM Card:  You can buy a SIM card at an authorized retailer or on the Lyca Mobile USA website. You can also pick an eSIM online. Activation is simple and quick.

2. Choose a Plan:  Analyse your usage. Check if you require more calls, texts, or data. Choose a plan that suits your needs the best.  Mobile USA offers a variety of options like pay-as-you-go and monthly plans with bundled minutes for cheap calls to India.

3. Top Up Your Account:  Add credit to your Lyca Mobile USA account through an authorized retailer or you can do it yourself online through the Lyca Mobile application.

4. Dial the Number:  Follow the standard dialing format for international calls: 011 (US exit code) + 91 (India country code) + Area Code + Phone Number. 

Additional Benefits of Using Lyca Mobile USA for India Calls

Lyca Mobile USA offers more than just cheap calls to India:

  • International Texting:  Drop in texts to your friends and family any time with affordable text messages.
  • Data Packages:  Binge your favourite shows and movies any time you want. Scroll through social media with unlimited data packages designed exclusively for your needs.
  • International Top Up:  Send Lyca Mobile credit to friends and family in India, allowing them to stay connected.

Switch to Lyca Mobile USA to enjoy affordable calls to India: 

We know how important it is to stay connected with your loved ones. Therefore, Lyca Mobile USA is affordable and convenient. Enjoy affordable calls, flexible plans, and crystal-clear connections without hidden costs with Lyca Mobile USA.  

Visit the Lyca Mobile USA website today to explore our plans, find a retailer near you, and start making affordable calls to India!

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