Choosing the Right Mobile Phone Plan

16 February, 2018 by Content Team
Choosing the Right Mobile Phone Plan
Choosing the Right Mobile Phone Plan

We carry our world in our mobile phones. From downloading and streaming, to emailing, getting the latest news and booking a cab, everything is available on our mobiles. Once we have our mobile phone, for us to be able to do everything listed above and more, we need two things – a SIM card and a mobile phone plan. Without a mobile phone plan, we wouldn’t be able to talk, text and surf, so it’s important we choose a plan that’s right for us.

There is no one-size-fits-all phone plan. Instead, there are a lot of factors involved that vary from person-to-person. With countless mobile phone plans available in the market, how do you choose the one that best suits you?

We've put together a list of factors that might help you choose your perfect plan.

Cost - The most important thing to consider is the cost of the plan. Lyca Mobile's plans give you value for your money and our 50% off sale on all unlimited plans has made buying a plan even more affordable.

We recommend: All in One 19, Unlimited Plan SX, Unlimited Plan S and All in One 29

Although all of these plans are at half price, our All in One 19 plan proves to be the most cost-effective at just $9.95.

Data – Another factor to help you find the right plan is data allowance. To help know how much data you need, just check your phone's data settings. If you use less than 1GB, then our All in One 19 plan is a good option for you. Even if you find yourself going over your allowance, we have numerous data bolt-on plans to help keep you surfing. What's even better is that with every Lyca Mobile unlimited plan you get bonus data! Don’t forget, with 4G now available you can experience an even faster world at no extra cost.

We recommend: Unlimited plan S and Unlimited plan M

International calls – If you have family and friends outside the country, or have business overseas, then international call rates are an important thing to consider. Depending on the countries you make frequent calls to, you can choose one of Lyca Mobile's plans with unlimited calls to a number of countries worldwide.

We recommend: Unlimited plan S, Unlimited plan M, Unlimited plan L and Unlimited plan XL

Having the right phone plan is extremely important and Lyca Mobile's SIM + Plan combinations give you better deals than you can imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Select our sim only plans and Buy your new Lyca Mobile SIM + Plan today!