Compare our best 12-month Prepaid SIM only deals for 2024

7 March, 2024 by Sachin Kumar
Compare our best 12-month Prepaid SIM only deals for 2024
Compare our best 12-month Prepaid SIM only deals for 2024
Tired of mobile shackles binding you to lengthy contracts and hidden fees? Want connection freedom without the commitment blues? That’s where 12-month prepaid mobile plans step in. No more annual price hikes, no more surprise termination charges, just a year of unlimited calls, texts and high data. 

The 12-month prepaid SIM cards brim with generous data allowances, keeping you streaming, scrolling, and snapping with unlimited joy. It's time to experience mobile freedom without any commitment. Dive in, compare, and discover the perfect 12-month prepaid SIM card for your unique mobile odyssey. 

Why should I choose a 12-month SIM-only deal?

With the 12-month SIM-only deal, you’ll be saying goodbye to sky-high phone costs and hello to exclusive savings. These 12-month SIM deals will provide lower monthly rates without much pressure to change your plan or recharge again until the period is over. 

Plus, who wants to top up every two seconds? Let auto-payments handle the hassle, leaving you free to watch your favourite content in peace. Basically, it's a win-win for budget and convenience with the cheapest 12-month SIM only deals. 

How This 12-Month prepaid Sim Only Deals Save Your Money in 2024?

By opting for a 12-month prepaid SIM-only deal, you can save a significant amount of money on your mobile phone bill in 2024. These plans typically offer lower monthly rates than pay-as-you-go or contract plans. Additionally, many 12-month prepaid plans include bonus features, such as free international calls or data rollover. These can further add to your savings for your month's plan. 

What are the benefits of buying a 12-month SIM-only deal?

Some of the major benefits of 12-month SIM-only deals to look forward to:  

•Save money  
Compared to pay-as-you-go or phone contracts, 12-month SIM-only deals offer lower monthly rates. This is because you're not paying for a subsidized phone. Think of it like buying in bulk – you get more data, calls, and texts for your buck!  

Keep your current phone or upgrade whenever you want, without any contract or commitment on the SIM only plans.  

With the twelve-month prepaid plan you are free from the risks of manually renewing your plans. The plans are set for auto-renewal, so do not be worried about losing your service benefits abruptly. Be free from constantly paying your bills.  

•Peace of mind  
12-month deals often come with perks like extra data bonuses or freebies, giving you more value for your money.

Compare our list of 12-month prepaid Lyca Mobile Deals for You 

Some of the major benefits of 12-month SIM-only deals to look forward to:  

$29 Unlimited International Plan 

Lyca Mobile's $29 plan offers 10GB of 5G data, unlimited nationwide talk & text. It also provides unlimited international talk & text to 100 countries. Save up to $108 with 12-month commitment!  

$19 Unlimited International Plan  

3GB of 5G data, unlimited nationwide talk & text, plus world calls to 100 countries for $19 monthly fee. Save up to $108 with a year-long commitment!  

$15 Plan Long Term  

Lyca Mobile's Long-Term Plan offers 500MB data, endless nationwide talk & texts, and global calls to 100 countries for just $15/month. Grab a year's plan and save up to $60!  

$23 Unlimited International Plan  

Seeking international calls and ample data? Look no further than Lyca Mobile's $23 plan! Enjoy 5GB of 5G data, unlimited nationwide talk & text, and global calls to 100 countries for just $23/month. Save even more with longer commitments!  

$33 High Data Plan  

Data-hungry and globally connected? Lyca Mobile's $33 High Data Plan gives you 12GB of 5G, unlimited nationwide talk & text, and calls to 100 countries. Save up to $96 with a 12-month contract!  

$39 High Data Plan  

Craving data, global calls, and bonus credit? Lyca Mobile's $39 Unlimited International Plan delivers! Get 15GB of 5G data, nationwide calls and texts, global calls to 100 countries, and $10 bonus international credit.  

$49 High Data Plan  

Data is your game? Lyca Mobile's $49 High Data Plan fuels it! Get a whopping 40GB of 5G data, unlimited talk & text across the US, and calls to 100 countries. Save big with longer commitments - up to $168 for a year!  

$59 International Plan  

Data guzzlers and globetrotters, rejoice! Lyca Mobile's $59 International Plan packs a punch - 60GB of 5G, unlimited US calls & texts. Moreover, the plan also offers global calls to 100 countries. Grab a year and save up to a whopping $192! 

Pay Monthly vs 12 month prepaid Sim Only deals

Some of the major benefits of 12-month SIM-only deals to look forward to:  

FeaturePay Monthly12 Month Prepaid Sim Only
Phone included?The availability of a phone for pay monthly usually varies. For example, in some plans you may get the benefit of a phone, but in other plans you may not get this benefit.No, you use your existing phone
Contract length12-24 months12 months
Upfront costLower, phone spread over monthly paymentsHigher, pay for 12 months of data upfront
Monthly costCan be higher due to phone costOften lower, especially for higher data allowances
FlexibilityLimited, switching carriers usually requires paying off remaining contractMore flexible, switch carriers or plans easily after 12 months
Data allowanceUsually generous, can increase with higher costsCan be very generous, often the best data deals for heavy users
Calls and textsOften unlimited or high allowanceVaries, some include unlimited, some charge per call/text
Data rolloverUncommonSometimes available, check specific plan details
Perks and extrasCan include free gifts, rewards programs, etc.Less common, may have occasional bonuses offered
Who Does it Suit?Good for those who want a new phone and predictable monthly bills, budget less importantIdeal for existing phone owners, budget-conscious users, and those who prefer flexibility

Get 5G speed data for 12-month sim-only deals today

Some of the major benefits of 12-month SIM-only deals to look forward to:  

It’s time to ditch the sluggish shackles of slow internet and embrace the blazing-fast future of 5G! And what better way to do it than with a killer 12-month SIM-only deal that lets you experience the power of 5G speeds? Plus, there’s no phone contract commitment?  

So, are you ready to ditch the data doldrums and supercharge your mobile life? Then get ready to blast off into the world of 5G with a 12-month SIM-only deal that's tailor-made for speed and freedom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get 12-month SIM-only deals with 5G network speed?

Absolutely! Lyca Mobile offers a range of 12-month prepaid plans equipped with blazing-fast 5G capabilities. These plans cater to diverse data usage needs. Thus, it ensures you can experience the next-generation network's superior speed and reliability.

What happens after you finish a 12-month SIM-only deal?

No more commitment blues! After 12 months, seamlessly renew, explore new plans, or simply top up with Lyca Mobile's flexible 12-month prepaid options. You're in control, and the possibilities are endless. 

Is unlimited international talk included in 12-month SIM-only deals?

While some 12-month plans offer generous international call allowances, they do not offer unlimited international talk. However, Lyca Mobile boasts various affordable international calling add-ons you can easily purchase. Thus, it can cater to your specific calling needs.

Is 100GB data enough for 1 month?

Whether 100GB is sufficient for a month depends on your individual usage habits. If you're a casual user who primarily browses, checks emails, and streams occasionally, 100GB could be plenty.