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4 June, 2024 by Binod Anand
Evaluating Connectivity in Gaming
Evaluating Connectivity in Gaming

Better network connectivity has proven to be a game-changer for online gaming. Online gaming is all about real-time interactions with players across the globe and any latency can ruin all the fun. Imagine you have spotted an enemy approaching you in a battle royale game and your screen freezes due to high ping. This is a very common phenomenon with online gamers in areas with 3G connectivity. A strong data connection not only prevents lagging but also unlocks the full potential of the gaming experience and gives you a competitive advantage. Let us better understand the dependability of the gaming experience on internet connectivity in this article. 

  • Stronger internet connectivity is revolutionizing gaming, reducing lag, and enhancing competitiveness.
  • Games like Fortnite and PUBG thrive on fast, reliable connections, with professional gamers spending over 11 hours a week playing.
  • 5G technology ensures seamless gaming experiences with minimal latency, even for mobile users.
  • Upgrading to a faster internet plan can significantly improve gaming performance, ensuring smoother gameplay and fewer interruptions.

Power of connectivity in gaming in numbers

There are over 3 billion active gamers globally. Fortnite (with over 400 million registered users) and PUBG rule this space and online gaming is a thriving industry. On average, a professional online gamer spends upwards of 11 hours per week while collectively generating a great amount of data for game developers. In terms of data consumption, the games mentioned above can easily consume data from 50MB to 1GB / hour based on the graphics resolution a user is playing with. The love for high-resolution graphics and no lag leads to higher consumption of data. This is where 5G data speed is crucial for online gamers. Here is the list of best network card for gaming from Lyca Mobile with 5G data plans at your disposal.

5G - Shaping the future of gaming

Thaddeus Frogley, a UK-based game developer, says that “a ping of 30ms or less feels instant to most players, at 300 milliseconds there is a noticeable lag and at 500 milliseconds, the game becomes virtually unplayable.”

What 5G does is, you get to play online games on your phone anytime without any LAG or PING. Any network that supports 5G also allows you to stream games from your phone, which previously required you to have consoles and streaming plugins. Overall, enhanced connectivity makes online gaming more fun and accessible to everyone.  

Check out Lyca Mobile 5G plans with data as per your needs and enjoy a seamless gaming experience even when you are roaming.

Gamers today love playing with their friends

Playing video games has been the most loved pastime activity since the 90s. With the advent of broadband, online gaming has become even more popular. For younger generations, online gaming is not just about playing the game, it is their way of hanging out with their buddies across the globe anytime they want.  

However, a slow internet connection can cause serious lag problems when playing in large groups and longer sessions. So, it is a good idea to upgrade your network for gaming when you often play along with larger friend groups.

What is a good internet speed for online gaming?

Some of the popular games like Fortnite and Overwatch need you to be watchful every second of it, and thus require high-speed connectivity with lower ping rates. This means faster upload and download speeds to avoid any lagging.

As per pro players, any network with data speed over 30 Mbps should suffice will give you a great gaming experience. If you get a slower internet speed than this, expect yourself in the lag zone and your gameplay will not be as smooth. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a kill because of the lag.  

So, the bottom line here is to have the best internet speed for gaming. Lyca Mobile network offers you the perfect broadband speed for the job so that you do not experience any lag. 

Final thoughts

Superfast network connectivity powered by 5G is changing the gaming industry for the better! Playing and streaming games have gotten smoother and faster. You get an experience where there is less delay, and you don’t miss the action. Now if you have additional data-hungry devices connected to the same internet, this might hinder your gaming experience. One way to solve this is to upgrade to a faster internet plan. Doing so will help beat lag and give you a better gaming experience. So, if gameplay is what you enjoy, it is better to go for faster internet connectivity. This way you can focus on what is important, dominating the game without lags holding you back. 

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