What are the steps involved in porting a number?

18 June, 2024 by Simran Singh
Choose faster Lyca Mobile port in for better service
Choose faster Lyca Mobile port in for better service

Are you planning to port your number to a service that provides exceptional connections and faster browsing experience? The process of porting phone number, however, can be slightly tough because you will have to pay attention to the guidelines while porting your number. It may feel like a big hassle to change your phone company while retaining the same number.  

There’s an easy solution to your problem- phone number porting. With the help of phone number porting, you’d be able to get better services on the same number by switching from one carrier to another. This blog acts as your guide to understanding how to port your number without much struggle with Lyca Mobile.

  • Following the stepwise guide can help you easily port your number to the preferred choice of carrier.  
  • With simple steps, Lyca Mobile aims at making porting simple and fast without disrupting your personal and business communications.  
  • Port number to Lyca Mobile to get the best promotional offers at competitive rates.  
  • Choose Lyca Mobile port in to retain your older number and take advantage of exclusive deals, saving time and preventing the risk of communication disruptions.

Steps to porting number to Lyca Mobile

Lyca Mobile is your answer to fast, affordable and better service. Having troubles with your old service but wanting to retain the same number? Here’s a simplified way for porting your number to Lyca Mobile:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Lyca Mobile and click on the transfer number page for transferring the number.  
  • Step 2: The steps for porting the number are available on the website.  
  • Step 3: In the form, provide the information about your current mobile service and existing mobile number.  
  • Step 4: Select the date on which you want to switch the number as per your convenience.
  • Step 5: Lyca Mobile’s team will handle the transfer process.  
  • Step 6: After the port in process is completed, insert the Lyca Mobile SIM card in your phone. 



Keep the SIM card in your phone for a seamless transfer process.  

Before opting for the port-in make sure to check the eligibility to ensure that the transfer doesn’t affect the current service.  
For seamless porting phone number to Lyca Mobile, check this link.

Why choose porting phone number to Lyca Mobile?

Switching your number to Lyca Mobile can prove to be extremely beneficial, right from personal benefits to business benefits. Some of the major benefits of porting the number to Lyca Mobile are as follows:  

  • Maintain Consistency and Continuity: When you port your number, you keep the same number while switching carriers. This helps to maintain continuity for your personal and business communications thereby allowing you to be reachable by your friends and family numbers.  
  • Convenient: The hassle of switching carriers would often require you to change numbers, which can be inconvenient. However, porting to Lyca Mobile with your old number will help in avoiding service disruptions. Compared to switching, porting allows the convenience of better communication without any effect on the current services.  
  • Better Deals: Lyca Mobile promises to bring to you the benefit of better deals and affordability. The additional deals with unlimited calling, texting and browsing for pocket-friendly rates allow you to take advantage of all exclusive promotional offers.  
  • Access to VoIP Services: Porting your old number to a new service can provide ease of access to VoIP services. Thus, people traveling overseas can enjoy the flexibility of retaining the numbers with internet telephone services for better and affordable deals.

Final thoughts

Porting from your previous carrier to Lyca Mobile will offer a seamless transition with better connectivity, improved convenience and cost-saving deals. As you retain your old number, you can maintain familiarity without changing your number, allowing your loved ones to connect with you whenever they want.  

Lyca Mobile promises to provide better rates and hassle-free porting services, thereby catering to all your communication needs. Do not wait any longer if you are struggling with connectivity issues. At Lyca Mobile, we aim at bringing the best of connections- whether call, text or browsing- to your fingertips immediately. Join Lyca Mobile and experience the wonder of superfast connectivity today with their exclusive SIM-only deals!